End of the School Year but Just the Beginning of a Huge Video Sale

SP 01Year-End Sale for EDUCATION (schools) & STATE GOVERNMENT!

From now through the end of June, 2015, State Government and Education Customers, save 20% on practically every DVD. Use code  GovEDUState20

Sale is for State Government and Education (K-12 and Colleges) customers only. Cannot be combined with other discounts or sales.

Make sure to use the promotional code  GovEDUState20 when you check out with any DVD training.  Here are just a few examples:

Call (888) 380-5491 with any questions.


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How to Leverage Short Videos in Your Business

You have a presentation. You want to engage and, ideally, wow your audience!  You definitely want your managers or employees to learn and apply what they’ve learned to their jobs.  What better way to reinforce your point than with learning videos.

Short video embedded into PowerPoint

We have over one thousand videos. Many of them are short. All of them can be embedded into your PowerPoint presentations. You can offer self-learning, blended learning, e-learning and easily track participation.

We’ve been busy adding just about every conceivable video training to our online video trainings: harassment, customer service, time management,etc.   Not only will you have the option to embed videos, but you’ll have the option of using our simple to use LMS system to track participation.

Pricing flexibility…like Netflix!

The pricing is designed for maximum flexibility, whether you’re training a small group or a large company. You can order 1, 5 , 10..as many videos as you want. You can trade out your videos monthly. Purchase a 5 pack and you can get as many as 60 different titles over the course of one year!  Buying DVDs, this would cost you as much as $50,000 or more!  A 5 Pack is only $1,923.  Small company? We have options for you as well starting at $295!

Check out our new videos or Contact us  or call (888) 380-5491 with any questions.

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When Noone Understands You – Unconscious Bias

Ever been in a situation where you think you’re being clear but it’s landing on “deaf ears?” And, in this age of speed, do you find you yourself are making snap judgments? Face it. We all do this. It’s survival or, at least, a way to save time and not to have to reinvent the wheel every time we’re faced with a similar situation.  But, what happens when we’re not even conscious of our bias?overcoming unconscious bias

Here’s a statistic.

A black person needs to have nearly eight more years of experience than a similarly experienced white applicant to have the same odds of getting a job. This finding was the result of a University of Chicago/MIT study of resumes and the response they got for job interviews.  It was quoted in the fascinating book by Heidi Grant Halvorson No One Understands You and What To Do About It.

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6 Ways to Integrate Courage into Our Daily Lives

by Sandra Ford Walston

So much of our daily life is based on action and results. But what really is directing us? For those who truly want to make a difference and create a legacy filled with courage, you must be willing to step up and invite in a new behavior—one that leaves a mark, one that leaves a legacy—one filled with courage!6 ways toward courageous behavior

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Baking Search into Your Learning Program

Remember the movie, “Midnight in Paris”? An American couple arrives in Paris and the wife is trying to speak French. She reminds me of ….me, when I’m trying to speak French, constantly self-correcting after saying a phrase.  Is it “J’etais” or “Je suis allee” when I’m trying to say I went somewhere?

Not hard to find out what’s correct.  Just do a Google search!

effective learning through search








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Want to know the Key Traits Linking Courage to Success?

by Sandra Ford Walston

People Who Exhibit Higher Integral Levels of Courage Consciousness

  • They are willing to give themselves permission to claim their courage.
  • They distinguish and aptly apply the 12 behaviors of courage found on the Source Wheel diagram.
  • They have a fierce resolve to act and to be advocates (BTW, mentors escort associates to the threshold of power; advocates apply action to pull them through).

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Simple Courage: Face the Facts for Behavior Change

by Sandra Ford Walston

There is a direct correlation between your “courage quotient” and Source Wheel Diagramyour “success quotient.”

When you begin to live in the present you recognize when you are selling your soul. For example, people assume that finding a new job will be difficult, so they remain complacent, mistakenly believing—or simply hoping—that things will change. Yet, in reality, situations seldom change by themselves. To show courage, decide when it’s time to face the truth or prompt a change: then, be eager to discover the next opportunity.

Facing the facts and taking action are required if you wish to change your life.

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Courage, Empowerment or Bravery—What’s the Difference?

by Sandra Ford Walston

People have frequently asked me, “Is courage the same as empowerment and bravery?” I don’t think so. Here is how I believe these vitally important concepts are distinctly different.Courageous leadership

Courage is an internal process. It occurs when you make a conscious decision to tap into and use your inner “reservoir” of heart, which you might not have even realized you have.

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Howard Schultz’s Connection and Leadership

Howard Schultz is featured on the cover of Time and, as usual, he talks and cares about much more than how Starbucks will make more money. (Although he goes into that too). Here’s a sampling from his interview:Howard Schultz

On how businesses should operate in America: “I think the private sector simply has to take a larger role than they have in the past. Our responsibility goes beyond the P&L and our stock price…. If half the country or at least a third of the country doesn’t have the same opportunities as the rest going forward, then the country won’t survive. That’s not socialism.”

Following is our previous story about Howard Schultz’s leadership style.

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Business Training Videos the Netflix Way

Have a heavy-duty training schedule? Lots of employees with different learning objectives? Want to onboard new hires, yet need to provide compliance training or a new leadership training?

Whether you’re trying to get your team around faster growth initiatives and preventing burnout, training new leaders or training on ethics, did you know you can “rent” video trainings and switch them out monthly, if needed?

business training video library

Video Training Library. Search or view “Categories” or “Producers”

This is a self-serve video “jukebox” with free online video previews. Check out the “Categories” or look for trainings by Producer.  You can also do a search on training topics and you’ll find video trainings from safety to ethics to business management and much more.

Of course, if you have questions or want a human to help you find the best training, call (888) 380-5491 or email us.

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